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Waste Water Treatment

Tannery Industries Effluent Plant

Tannery Industries Effluent Plant

SSP has developed a process of treating tannery effluent which is based on evaporation technology. The effluent is concentrated in Multiple Effect Evaporator where it is concentrated up to 40-45% of total solids and then passed through hydro cyclone and thickener. From bottom of thickener, slurry is passed through centrifuge for separation of salt.

In this process we get solid waste and the condensate water. Condensate water can be recycled in the tannery and solid is sent to TSDF (Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility)

Yeast Wastewater Treatment Plants

Yeast Wastewater Treatment Plants

In this system bio-methanated effluent is concentrated in a multiple stage vacuum evaporator to 40-60% solid. The total process is under vacuum and the vapors generated in the system are recompressed in a TVR / MVR to economize steam consumption. Condensate water from the evaporation system is cleared and recyclable for the process.

In scheme-Bio-Methanated Effluent: The concentrated Bio-Methanated Effluent is dried in a spray dryer. The powder generated from spray dryer is mixed with coal and the mixture is burnt in a boiler to generate steam. It can also be marketed as Potash Rich Fertilizer. The alternate system is to mix the concentrate with rice husk and bagasse and drying the same into a rotary dryer and the dried material is a mixed fuel that can be used in a boiler for the generation of steam.

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